Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Today is Wednesday !! ughh ya right uniform day .. and today one of my friend told me that she is going to transfer to another school .. I almost cry out .. you know she is like my best best friend or you can say soul mates?? Its fun when you talk to her and yeah i don't know why but i just told her many of my things like some bastard i met on Facebook and really like many things .. !! And she also told me something she never told anyone else its just like we really can talk anything.. If i can do anything to let her stay i think i will :)) but i am her friend and i should support whatever decision that she made .. i just will really miss her very much !!

Don't Ever Forget Me OK? YiWen :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

DreamWorld has Started :)

erm.. hihi?? haha right actually this is not my 1st blog but i abandoned my OTHER blog many years ago .. haha i think its fun to have a blog cause i can write anything in here and its like my own small small world =) and i wish i can continued writing and post anything and everything i want to .So if you are a visitor .. i am going to tell you ..